About Me

Beyond my pation for computer programming and web development, I have many other enjoyments and a rich history that led me down a path towards success.
Some quick facts about me:
  • I love hoodies, I wear hoodies in the Summer
  • Digital Art is my second favorite hobby, I practice about 10-20 hours a month
  • Programming is my pation! After programming at work all day I go home and program some more
  • I enjoy gold panning more than any other outdoor activity
  • I consider myself to be a goal oriented person
  • I believe everyone deserves a free country as great as the USA

The younger days

I found programming, love, and skateboarding at a young age, all of these separated by several years. I found my loving wife at the age of 14 and we have been together every since. The current tally as of 2015 is 15 years and 12 of those we have been happily married. We do not have any kids, but we do charish are dog named Scooter. Scooter is a Shih Tzu and is turned 7 years old this year. Around the time I was married I took up some minor development creating my first program, a text based adventure game called "Battlefield" written in C++. It was challenging, rewarding, and the start towards my current career goals. About a year after picking up programming as a hobby, I fractured my ankle jumping off a picnic table on a skateboard which caused me to slow down.

The military

The military was a difficult transition for my wife and myself. We had traveled a lot and lived in Texas for 4 years. During this time, I was deployed to Iraq for OIF 07-09. The military was definitly an adventure and I am thankful for staying strong. The benefits I earned while serving in the military allowed me to transform a hobby into a career path. I have recently graduated with a Masters in Information Systems. In addition to the wonderful educational benefits, I also met and worked with a large diverse group of people from around the world.


after the military my wife and i purchased some land and a place in ohio where we lived before moving to texas. every year we traveled to eureka montana where my family on my mothers side grew up. the area is beautiful, there are waterfalls, huge mountains, and millions of trees. i had many fun summers with my wife so we decided to sell our land and move to northwestern montana. we current live near kalispell, mt. i am currently employed as a web /> SQL programmer at a smaller web development company. This position has greatly enhanced my skills and knowledge for development. Our primarly language is Coldfusion but I have worked with other languages and technologies such as Java, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript.