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There are a wide range of options so pricing can vary dramatically based on needs. Click HERE for our pricing guides.

Now, more than ever before, consumers are jumping on their phones to conduct business. Some companies report +40% sales from mobile device. The quickest answer is to find out your target audience and determine if that audience is using mobile devices for such activities. The best answer is why not create a beautifully responsive and mobile friendly platform? We make it easy!

Digital marketing is a relatively new industry. It is used to increase relevant website traffic, leads, and sales. It includes strategies like Inbound Marketing and tactics such as Search Engine Optimization or SEO, email automation, and landing pages.
One thing to know about digital marketing is that it encompasses your entire online presence. This means your social media presences, Google, as well as online campaigns you may be running.
It is also good to note that your offline presence can impact your digital presence. The offline and online stratagies that you use can drive one another if done right. Confused? We can help! .

This is hard to answer for everyone becaue it depends on who you ask. One company might say taking a template and making some changes is custom work. Here at Rift Web Design, if you are getting custom work, that is what you get. Your site will be completely custom. We build a unique to you and your needs site. There are no templates, themes, or predesigned platforms. You get what you need when you need it!

These are simple designs. They are for those with a tighter budget or simpler scope needs. The site is designed based on a premade template with your information placed in the fields. These sites have a quick turn around time and leave you with an appealing and functional site at a lower cost. A website to display something, a portfolio, or a profile site are good for this simple option. It doesn't support e-commerce or some more complex features like reporting on data.